• As construction specialists, our reputation is built on finding the right fit for your business, not just the easy hire.
  • We believe in providing a professional, personalised service without the hard-sell.
  • That's what makes us different!

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At Knightwood, we appreciate the commercial concerns of our clients and often that time spent recruiting a valuable member of your team could be better spent elsewhere. With such an extensive knowledge of the marketplace and the contacts we have established over the years we truly believe that we can offer a unique service as the knowledge of our candidate base is second to none.

Our consultants have some of the best networks in our respective geographic areas and as a result, are better placed to actually speak and gain the confidence of the candidates that you would prefer to join your businesses.

We take great pride in our screening and selection process to ensure that we only submit candidates we believe are truly suited to the role. Being such an incestuous more

Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent

Often attracting the best talent can be one of the hardest tasks for any business, but particularly those in construction who are also faced with the added shortage of suitable candidates with the correct skill sets in the first place.
To attract the best people, it is key to get the right consultancy working on your behalf and representing you in the manner that you want them to. This means it is essential to brief the agencies correctly with all the relevant information to enable them to make your company stand out from your competitors.
We have the knowledge and network to often get the right people but retaining these people well is sometimes overlooked. Staff retention is a massive factor for all clients wanting to enhance their success within their industry. Often more

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