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CV tips with an example template

Download example CV template here

You don’t need to include the words Curriculum Vitae at the top. It will be obvious to the reader what this is and it helps keeps the document uncluttered.

Be consistent in everything you do: same clear type throughout, similar sized font headers and titles, consistent use of bold (but no underlining)

Triple check your spelling and grammar. Make sure you have passed it through a UK spell checker and ask someone to proof read it for you.

Keep profile brief, punchy and relevant to the job applying for. If you’re not sure, keep it out.

Employment History in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

  • Include all jobs, except where more
Interview tips

Take some advice to help you perform to the best of your potential at an interview. These interview tips will help even the most inexperienced interviewees to shine:
•    Research: Ensure you look through the company website, social media profiles and read the jobs specification / job advert and any company literature provided, ensuring that you’re prepared to share your views and ideas.
•    Re-read your CV: Consider how you will explain any problematic aspects of your CV, such as leaving an employer. Anticipate potential questions and prepare answers accordingly. 
•    Prepare questions to ask the interviewer: Your interviewer wants to see you’re interested enough to hear more about the company so will look kindly on well-placed questions. It is possible they may more

Working as a contractor

Working as a contractor can be an attractive option for many people looking for greater flexibility and variety in their work and we always have a number of exciting temporary and contract opportunities through our established relationships with clients with requirements for skilled temporary workers.
Documents we require before the start of a temporary assignment
Prior to starting a temporary assignment, you will need to complete and return a signed copy of our registration form as well as evidence of your eligibility to work in the UK. You will also be asked to provide copies of relevant qualifications and certificates.
Methods of payment
You can choose to provide your services through your own limited company or you can get more

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